Kevin Garnett Appears in ‘Brighter Boston' Sam Adams Super Bowl Commercial

Celtics legend Kevin Garnett has a bestselling book called "Don't Talk Trash, Spread Love" in Samuel Adams' new "A Brighter Boston" ad slated to air during Super Bowl LVII

Kevin Garnett and "Your Cousin From Boston" from Samuel Adams' new Super Bowl commercial.
Samuel Adams

Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett is spreading the love in a Super Bowl commercial for Samuel Adams.

The ad, part of the campaign starring "Your Cousin From Boston," is set to air during Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona.

The brewery said the commercial was "filmed across multiple locations in Boston, including South Boston and Downtown Boston, with a predominately Boston-based cast and crew."

The ad, called "A Brighter Boston," imagines the city as a beacon of positivity — a universe where Garnett is presenting his new bestselling book, "Don't Talk Trash, Spread Love."

The commercial also features Boston comedian Lenny Clarke.

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