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Kicking Off the Week With a Heat Advisory

A heat advisory is in effect for our Monday in much of southern and central New England.

With a breeze from the south, humidity builds overnight and there may be an isolated shower in far Northern New England, especially parts of Vermont or Northern Maine. Labor Day features highs around 90 with high humidity. Again expect some relative relief, highs in the 80s, for the Cape and Islands or other areas that face south-west. It’s still just as muggy there though.

A few more storms will rumble through far Northern New England as a cold front nears. That front will drop south on Tuesday, bringing a few pop up downpours or storms to Southern New England, where it will still be muggy and hot. Highs will again be around 90. It will be a little less hot behind the front in Northern New England, but many places will still reach the 80s.

At the coast on Wednesday, winds will briefly turn onshore, meaning temperatures will be around 80, with mid-80s farther inland. It’s still muggy and there may be a spot shower.

That drop in temperature doesn’t last, because another warm front brings humidity and temperatures near 90 back on Thursday. Late week into the weekend should finally feature more seasonable conditions with highs in the 70s.

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