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Massachusetts Restaurant Closed After 39 Cases of Suspected Salmonella

Public health officials narrowed the suspected contaminated food to be an antipasto salad

A North Reading, Massachusetts restaurant is closed indefinitely following several complaints and a salmonella outbreak investigation conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

DPH received 39 complaints about Kitty’s Restaurant and Lounge in early July. Of those complaints, nine were confirmed cases of salmonella, with an additional 30 suspected cases.

The outbreak is believed to have happened on June 23. The North Reading Board of Health narrowed the suspected contaminated food to be the antipasto salad. Its initial investigation was conducted on July 3 and determined how the dish was prepared and served.

Officials recommended that management close the restaurant for a full cleaning and sanitization after another reported illness was linked to the restaurant on June 25. They also recommended Kitty’s test 46 employees believed to have worked during the outbreak. All tested employees need to be cleared by DPH before they return to work.

The Health Department is also recommending anyone who took home leftover antipasto salad or house dressing after June 1 to discard it.

The restaurant was briefly able to reopen on July 6 after following recommendations and directions from the North Reading Board of Health but has since closed again.

No one answered the phone at Kitty's on Tuesday.

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