2 Stolen Lamborghinis Recovered After Crashing Into Each Other

The luxury SUVs were worth some $200,000 apiece

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Two stolen Lamborghini SUVs were recovered in Malden, Massachusetts, Tuesday morning after the vehicles crashed into one another, police said.

Authorities said three people had been detained and two are still on the loose in connection with the theft of the vehicles hours earlier from a luxury car dealership in Wayland.

One of the people involved in the 8 a.m. crash in Malden was among those detained. Another person involved in the crash was on the loose.

A white Lamborghini SUV with front-end damage and a black Lamborghini SUV were spotted at the scene of the crash.

Stolen Lamborghinis collided in Malden after they were taken from a dealership in Wayland.

Police said the alleged thieves apparently smashed the front window of Herb Chambers Lamborghini Boston in Wayland with a rock around 3 a.m. before finding the keys and driving off with the vehicles, worth some $200,000 apiece.

"From what we can gather, they broke in, they were able to obtain some keys from an area, they were able to remove the keys, take the cars from the front lot and drive away," Wayland police Lt. Sean Gibbons said.

Eighteen-year-old Elijah McKinney was caught. He was arraigned in court shortly after the crash on charges of receiving a stolen motor vehicle and resisting arrest.

Two other people were detained not far from the dealership in a third car after the break-in, police said.

"One of my officers was able to stop a car that was possibly involved in the break. We have two people we're currently detaining at the police station," Gibbons said.

Two Lamborghinis were involved in a crash in Malden. They were reported stolen out of Wayland.

The dealership sells high-end cars including Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Bentleys.

"The Herb Chambers Companies would like to thank the Wayland Police and other agencies for their quick response and outstanding work," The Herb Chambers companies said in a statement Tuesday. "Our technology resources were helpful in this case and we will continue to work with and support investigators as the case moves forward."

The investigation remains active as police continue to search for the remaining suspects.

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