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Lowell Haze? Market Basket Spoofs Taylor Swift's ‘Midnights'

Tracks on the hypothetical album include "Sawdust on the Floor," "More for Your Dollar, Kid" and "Meet Me at the Checkout"

Market Basket

If you're feeling the "Lowell Haze" creeping up on you, get excited for the new album being threatened by New England-based grocery store chain Market Basket.

As Taylor Swift's 10th studio album, "Midnights" sends shockwaves across the world of pop music and breaks sales and streaming records, the "More for Your Dollar" supermarket company is hypothetically teasing a rival album.

"If Market Basket were to drop an original album which song would you be most excited to listen to," the company asked its followers on Twitter Monday.

The options? They're spoofs on the "Midnights" track list, trading in "Anti-Hero" for "Antipasto," "Sweet Nothing" for "Sweet Jelly Donuts" and "Maroon" for "Maroon Jackets."

The parody album cover features a similar layout to Swift's, with the track list in the bottom left corner. Instead of the pop superstar, though, the image shows an employee looking down one of the supermarket's aisles, and the chain's name in large lettering.

"We have had a lot of fun with this,” spokesperson Justine Griffin said in a statement to The Boston Globe. "Of course we are all Taylor Swift fans! We like them all but did notice that ‘Sawdust on the Floor’ seems to be a fan favorite."

Swift's "Midnights" album has already proven to be a pop culture juggernaut. It's garnered the most traditional album sales in a week since 2017, when Swift's prior effort, "reputation" debuted with 1.216 million copies sold, according to Billboard. It's also had the biggest streaming week for an album in 2022, according to the music publication.

Even some team members at NBC10 Boston have been all in on the new collection of songs, like last week when Meteorologist Tevin Wooten managed to work every song title from the new record into one of his forecasts.

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