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Lawmaker Behind Misogynistic Online Forum: ‘I've Never Hated Women'

A New Hampshire lawmaker accused of creating a pro-rape forum online testified at his own public hearing Tuesday.

“I have never been nor am I ever going to condone rape,” explained Rep. Robert Fisher.

For the first time since being accused of creating what’s been called the “internet’s most misogynistic forum,” Fisher answered questions from fellow lawmakers during a public hearing Tuesday.

“I have never hated women,” he said.

This follows weeks of controversy after an April 25th report published by the Daily Beast, exposing Fisher as the founder of what some are calling a men’s rights, women-hating forum called “The Red Pill” back in 2012. The forum now has almost 200,000 subscribers.

“To create a place where people like that can come and play is not only inappropriate for a member of the House of Representatives, it’s troubling as a human being,” said Rep. Debra Altschiller.

According to the Daily Beast, Fisher made several degrading posts attacking women’s intelligence. The now 31-year-old blamed those comments on a few bad dates in his twenties and claims he’s a changed man.

Fisher did take responsibility for publishing tips for men on how to avoid being accused of rape.

“Oh yeah, I stand by everything I’ve written in that,” Fisher said.

When asked to clarify his comments, Fisher ignored reporters and left the hearing an hour before it ended.

“I believe that is all the time I have,” Fisher said and he turned to leave. “I am late for work.”

Residents who were at the hearing tell NBC Boston they were hoping to hear either an apology or a denial of facts.

“He hasn’t actually disavowed anything,” said John Gregory-Davis of Meriden, NH. “He’s just slipping his language around.”

Everyone who testified called for the House to expel Fisher, warning committee members that people nationwide are watching.

“The fact that there is any question is actually kind of embarrassing to me as New Hampshire citizen,” Gregory-Davis said.

The Legislative Administration Committee will make a recommendation to either punish, censure, or expel Fisher. The full house will then vote on that recommendation on June 1st.

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