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Lawrence Officials Hand Out Water, Open Cooling Centers as Temps Soar Above 95

Four separate splash pads scattered throughout Lawrence’s seven square miles are among the many ways people stayed cool during Saturday's heat wave.

Denise Velez-Perez took her 10-month-old baby Messiah to enjoy water activities outside.

“He gets super excited, especially seeing all these kids around. And then the water just cools him down so he’s nice and relaxed. Now he’s happy,” she said.

The heat wave sent temperatures soaring above 95 degrees in Lawrence on Saturday. When it’s this hot, Velez-Perez says her baby's easily irritated when sitting inside.

“They can get cranky. Especially if the air condition isn’t working. Coming outside is a lot better,” she said.

Lawrence police also handed out waters to the public. Saturday morning, 60 cases of water were anonymously donated to the department.

“It’s not always about police work," officer Terrence Pennington said. "This is the same thing. Just looking after people in the community who may need this."

Lawrence’s four splash pads are open Saturday until 8 p.m.

The city joined many others across the Commonwealth and across New England in opening cooling centers for people to stop by and enjoy free water or use the public restrooms. One was opened at the public library, a second at the senior center.

Click here for a list of cooling centers across New England.

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