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Leftovers From Hurricane Nate on the Way

Hurricane Nate will be making landfall later this evening as a strong Category 1 or 2 storm.

It will make landfall in southern Mississippi. Compared to Harvey, Irma and Maria, it’s a relatively small storm (but still very strong). We aren’t seeing hurricane and tropical storm force winds extending out hundreds of miles. The strongest winds were found on the east side of the hurricane. With a landfall in southern Mississippi, the strongest winds and heaviest rain will stay east of New Orleans. Even though New Orleans should miss the worst of Nate, it’s important to note that not all of the city's water-pumping stations are working.

Where the storm makes landfall, 90 MPH winds and a 10 foot storm surge will be possible, which is a dangerous, life threatening situation. The weather will begin to improve late Sunday morning as Nate quickly moves north at 25 mph.

With a very fast forward speed, New England could see impacts from Nate as early as Monday! The track of what will be tropical depression Nate will be over Western Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Meteorologists are expecting the heaviest rain to fall 50 miles to the north and south of the exact track. A widespread 1-2” of rain looks reasonable with higher amounts likely (maybe up to 3”). South of the track, a strong thunderstorm is possible Monday night.

Behind Nate, the humidity along with the temperatures begin to drop. The remainder of the week will be comfortable and dry. Daytime highs will climb into the 60s and overnight lows will drop into the 50s.

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