More Mass. Licenses Suspended as RMV Backtracking Continues

The RMV this month plans to hire a deputy registrar for safety, according to the agency's interim leader

The Registry of Motor Vehicles has suspended the licenses of more than 800 more drivers in its ongoing review of potential missed violations, officials said in an eight-page interim report released Thursday.

After revelations that the RMV for years failed to take action against drivers based on violations in other states, officials began the process of checking records of all 5.2 million Massachusetts drivers against the National Driver Register database.

Through that process, Interim Registrar Jamey Tesler said in his report, 869 drivers have had their licenses suspended. As the work week winds down, an interim report is still expected this week from national audit firm Grant Thornton, according to Tesler, who said the agency has provided 50,000 pages of documents to the Legislature's Transportation Committee so far.

The Registry for years failed to suspend licenses of drivers based on out-of-state offenses, a systemic management failure that came crashing down on the agency after a Massachusetts man with out-of-state violations allegedly killed seven motorcyclists in a New Hampshire crash.

Tesler says the agency this month plans to hire a deputy registrar for safety and that "work is underway" to set up a new six-person out-of-state notifications processing unit.

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