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Linda Henry to Take Reins at Boston Globe as Labor Tensions Simmer

Boston Globe Media Partners has been without a leader since July 1

Linda Henry looks on while moderating a panel discussion at the Massachusetts Conference For Women 2019 at the Boston Convention Center
Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Massachusetts Conference for Women 2019, File

Linda Pizzuti Henry, who has held the title of managing director at the Boston Globe’s parent company for the past seven years, has been named the chief executive, taking the reins of the company just as tensions between employees and management appear to be at a boiling point.

Henry is the wife of John Henry, the owner of the Boston Red Sox who bought Boston Globe Media Partners LLC in 2013.

BGMP has been without a leader since July 1, when the company’s former president, Vinay Mehra, abruptly left the company. The company gave no reason for Mehra’s departure, and he did not respond to requests for comment.

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