LL Bean Ramps up Production to Meet Holiday Demands

Employees at Maine's largest retailer are working around the clock to fill Cyber Monday orders — they expect to receive about a quarter of a million orders on Monday alone.

"We're ready to go. Bring it on," said David St. Pierre, L.L. Bean's senior manager of fulfillment operations.

St. Pierre oversees a one million square foot fulfillment facility, where more than a thousand employees work to fill all online orders.

"[Cyber Monday] is certainly our busiest inbound day," he said. "As our web business has grown, it's become bigger and bigger for us."

Company officials say online orders at peak hours come in at a rate of about 20,000 orders an hour.

"It's an 'all hands on deck' kind of environment," said lead packer Mike Gonyea. "We're like little elves on Christmas, getting everything out the door, trying to make people happy."

Their best selling items of the holiday shopping season are their classics — flannel and Bean Boots.

"The demand for [Bean Boots] seems to have no end in sight," said St. Pierre.

L.L. Bean could be on pace to sell a record 600,000 pairs of Bean Boots this year.

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