Revised Lobster Emoji Will Have Correct Number of Legs

After an outcry, the organization that controls the release of emojis has added two more legs to the forthcoming lobster emoji to make it correct.

The Portland Press Herald reports soon after the Unicode Consortium released proposed images of 157 new emojis to be made available this year, Maine residents took umbrage at the lobster emoji's eight legs instead of the correct 10.

"The #lobsteremoji is happening! Hopefully the final version will have the right number of legs," tweeted Maine Lobster Festival on Feb. 12 with a picture of the incorrect version.

Emojipedia Chief Emoji Officer Jeremy Burge wrote Monday the consortium had heard people's complaints and is releasing updated designs for the lobster emoji, alongside updates for a skateboard and DNA emoji.

Maine Independent Sen. Angus King helped get the lobster emoji considered. He had written to the consortium in September, pleading with them to adopt the crustacean in its annual update.

"Not only is the lobster of substantial cultural relevance," he argued, but according to online data, it also garners public interest that is at least equal to that of the crab, which already has its own emoji."

The lobster emoji is expected to be available in June.

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