Local Artists Get Creative With Lamplighter Beer Cans

Creating the picture-perfect pour comes down to details.

At Lamplighter Brewing Co. in Cambridge, it’s not just what’s in the can that counts. That’s because co-founder Cayla Marvil says “beer is art too. Why not have the label match the product inside?”

Lamplighter is known for its creative craft selections, but its eye-popping artwork is also generating buzz. The labels are as bright and bold as the flavors.

“There’s a really good product inside, but that’s the first battle, getting someone to grab it off the shelf,” Marvil said.

Artist Chloe Feldman Emison has displayed her work many places, but she never imagined it would be on display in people's fridges.

Emison is the artist behind several of Lamplighter's label designs. It’s a process that takes collaboration and time.

“They usually already have the name in place and a few ideas. I have to work in little bursts waiting for things to dry,” she said.

It all results in adding her quirky illustrations to Lamplighter’s line of unique cans. The images are now leaping off the beer and onto customer’s bodies with hats, shirts, even wall art inspired by the labels.

At Lamplighter, the creativity is flowing. A regular customer is responsible for the taproom’s mural and a former canning line employee painted the tap handles.

“We have a lot of fun. We’re whimsical, we’re community based, we try to have out art match that,” Marvil said.

Whether it’s the suds or the duds, Lamplighter’s an example that the local brewery business is booming and that beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder.

“It’s definitely a crafty business,” Marvil said.

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