Patriots Fan Gets Tattoo of Tom Brady's Autograph

It is the moment Sacred Heart University student Megan Uhrynowski, 19, says changed her life forever. Monday night, at Patriots Training Camp, the players just finished practice and began greeting fans.

That’s when she spotted the GOAT, Tom Brady.

Uhrynowski explains, “All of a sudden he cuts right across the field. Directly at us and I’m thinking to myself, like, oh my god! This is literally insane!”

Her cell phone video captured the moment Brady was signing autographs, as he inched closer to where she was.

“I literally scream at him, Tom sign my arm! I’m literally going to get this tattooed if you sign my arm. He looks me right in the eyes and he smirks and he signs it. And I was like, oh my god. I started freaking out. This is the best day of my life,” said Uhrynowski.

After the initial shock, she immediately decided to get his signature tattooed on her arm the very next morning. Uhrynowski said she got mom’s approval, of course.

She explained, “She was like, fine you can get it but only if you get it smaller and underneath, and I’m like, fine.

The tattoo is on her left wrist, not too far from where his actual autograph is. Brady signed her arm with a Sharpie.

“I’ve showered, but I’m not scrubbing. it’s going to stay there as long as possible,” said Uhrynowski.

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