North Korea

Locals With Korea Ties Hope for Successful Summit

Ahead of the historic summit in Singapore, a small vigil on Boston Common brought out about a dozen people who are hoping for peace and reconciliation in Korea, denuclearization of the peninsula and an end to sanctions.

"I hope this summit could bring something productive, constructive that could bring us some peace," said John Kim, a Melrose resident who grew up in South Korea.

For Keumjoo Armstrong, this is especially personal. Her parents escaped from North Korea in 1951, and she still has family there.

"If North and South Korea are working together nicely, then we’re going to make a really successful, thriving, economy," said Armstrong, who also grew up in South Korea and now lives in Hingham.

Armstrong said whether people like President Trump or not, everyone should be supporting him as he tries to broker some sort of deal.

But she does worry about the personality traits of both leaders at the table.

"I hope they don’t make wrong decisions based on impulsive feelings," said Armstrong.

Kim agrees that there should be bipartisan support for a successful summit.

"Just pray for the summit could bring something important progress," Kim said.

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