Logan Airport

As Logan Airport Grows, Officials Renovate and Enhance Terminals

If you've traveled in and out of Boston's Logan Airport lately, you probably noticed there are a lot of changes — from terminal construction to an expansion of flights. The reason is because international carriers are adding flights and destinations.

Currently, the airport is in the process of connecting several of the terminals post-security. It's already been done between Terminals C and E and next up is to connect Terminals C and B.

The upgrades to the terminals feature more casual seating areas, open spaces, along with plenty of outlets for phone charging. There are also new stores and restaurants with local flavor.

"People really like this design," said Tom Glynn, CEO of Massport.

Massport is currently in the process of consolidating American Airlines operations into one part of Terminal B.

There's also another project in the works — a plan to add seven new gates to Terminal E in an expansion that will help to accommodate the demand for international service.

"The airlines want to come here because of the strong economy and the fact that we do a pretty good job servicing them," said Glynn.

There are three new non-stop routes planned for overseas cities: a direct flight to Seoul, South Korea, another to Chengdu, China, and a third to Havana, Cuba. Domestically, there's a new non-stop flight to Hawaii.

"These are all big parts of the global economy that we weren't really connected to before," said Glynn.

The economic boom in Boston is contributing to the surge in passengers at Logan. There were 36 million passengers in 2016 and 38 million in 2017.

Asked if there is a concern that the airport will be at capacity at some point soon, Glynn said he didn't think so.

"I think people in Boston and the Massport team have been creative about problem-solving so I don't see that in the foreseeable future," said Glynn.

Glynn has been at the helm of Massport for much of recent international expansion at the airport. After six years in charge, he's set to retire in November.

He knows some challenges remain including traffic congestion outside the terminals as well as parking.

Glynn says airport officials are looking at adding a people mover and a parking reservation.

He adds that the biggest challenge is security. It's something airport leadership has to constantly adapt to.

After his tenure as CEO, Glynn says Logan is in a better position for the future. He says the thing he will miss most of all is the intensity of the job.

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