Lost Dog Found, Rescued from Well by Firefighters

A Massachusetts woman is thanking firefighters for rescuing her dog from a damp predicament.

Amanda Kantor tells The Recorder she and her mother-in-law were walking their dogs Monday evening near her Conway home when her mother-in-law's dog got loose. Kantor's 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Prince Charming, got away in the confusion.

Kantor and her husband searched for the dog until it was too dark. She searched again Tuesday but says she feared Prince Charming had fallen into the nearby South River during a storm.

As Kantor walked on state Route 116 she happened to check a well along the road. Prince Charming was sitting in the well.

The pet owner alerted firefighters who used a ladder to rescue the trapped dog.

Kantor says she's amazed she found the dog.

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