Lost Valuables at Airport? This Cambridge Startup Will Work With TSA To Recover Them

Rejjee, a Cambridge-based startup that provides a SaaS platform for lost and found items, is now officially working with the Transportation Security Administration to recover lost items at airports across the nation.

Founded in 2014, the startup has been working with the MBTA since 2015 to recover stolen bikes at T stops.

Rejjee works like this: Whenever someone loses an item, like a bike or a laptop, they can go to Rejjee’s website and file a missing report. As the startup works with a number of police departments in the area including Cambridge, Boston and Quincy, when the item is recovered by the police, the person will be notified. Users can also download the app and make a personal property registry that can be accessed in case of a lost or missing item.

The startup announced that it will work with over 700 TSA checkpoints across 50 airports including Portland International Jetport in Maine and the Boise Airport in Idaho. The company is in talks with Boston’s Logan Airport as well as Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

“This is the first time the TSA checkpoints are connected on a single platform from coast to coast,” said Ken Smith, Rejjee’s co-founder and head of product and operations.

Under the agreement, the TSA will publish a data feed of lost and recovered items on Rejjee’s website. The agreement also denotes a shift in Rejjee’s strategy to expand its reach beyond the Boston area.

“An area of particular focus for us is cybersecurity,” Smith said. “More than twelve-thousand laptops and electronics are lost at US airports each week. The data on these devices as well as the cloud platform login credentials represents one of the leading cyber security risks to personal identification and company data.”

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