Loved Ones Hold Parade for Mother Returning From Last Round of Chemotherapy

Alexa Morell of Chelmsford has been receiving her cancer treatments by herself because of the coronavirus pandemic, but her family, friends and neighbors lined her street to remind her that she's not alone

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It was a parade like no other Thursday in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

With precautions in place, family, friends and neighbors lined Alexa Morell's street.

She was returning from her 12th and final round of chemotherapy at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for stage 4 colon cancer.

"I was bawling. I've been crying for the last half hour over it," Morell said of the surprise parade.

Morell's husband came up with the idea, and then friends made it happen.

"We knew she was going to be emotional. How can you not?" asked Shannon Murphy, who helped organize it.

The 30-year-old mom has been going for the treatments alone due to COVID concerns.

"It was sad to be there alone today, but I get it, and I think it's for our safety. Less people, less germs," said Morell.

She says she was diagnosed last year.

"September 12, my son walked for the first time in the morning, and by 4 p.m. I was told I have stage 4 cancer."

By December, 65% of her liver was removed when the cancer spread.

Now, though, despite the ongoing pandemic, she has a reason to celebrate.

Morell is also thanking those who helped her, including the local mom group shes part of.

"They did a meal train for me around my early chemo times and my surgery," she said. "They've been there through it all."

And now, she has a message for others.

"Something I like to tell people other people that are new to getting diagnosed is that you'll get through it, especially if you have a strong support system," Morell said. "I've leaned on the all of the ones I love so much, and they've totally carried me through this whole thing."

Morell has another surgery in May on both her colon and liver.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, she'll be alone for five days, but the plan is that she'll wake up cancer-free.

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