Surge in Opioid Overdoses Prompts Warning in Lowell, Massachusetts

An increase in opioid overdoses over the last few days has prompted officials in Lowell, Massachusetts to send a warning to area residents.

Fire Chief Jeff Winward told the Lowell Sun that city officials are worried there may be a deadly batch of heroin or fentanyl being sold in the region.

Since Friday, there have been 20 overdoses in the city. None of the overdoses were fatal, although many of the victims were in respiratory arrest when first responders arrived. Fortunately, all of the victims were revived in time due to life-saving Narcan.

Fire officials are reminding residents to call 911 immediately if they see an overdose.

"We're asking people to keep a close eye on things," Winward told the Lowell Sun. "Certainly don't use if you're by yourself, and watch your loved ones if they have an opioid addiction."

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