Lynn Car Wash Owner Repeatedly Fined for Illegal Dumper

A business owner in Lynn, Massachusetts, is trying to find the woman who is illegally dumping trash behind his property.

The woman was caught on surveillance pulling up to the Boston Street Car Wash calmly getting out of her sport utility vehicle, making her way to the back seat, then grabbing a trash bag to dump on the property.

“It’s pretty bad,” said car wash owner Jeff Carroll. “How do you just pull up to somebody’s business and unload your sport utility in to the yard? It happens so easy, there’s nothing you can do.”

To make matters worse, Caroll got a ticket from the city for the trash on his property.

“That cost me $350 and she did that in about 40 seconds,” said Carroll, who has owned the business for more than 30 years.

In all, the woman on surveillance dropped four bags of trash before getting back into her SUV and driving off. The vehicle is believed to be a Toyota Rav 4.

The incident happened after closing time, and by the time Carroll came to work the next day, he already had a ticket for violating the city’s trash ordinance.

He says it just keeps happening.

“I just can’t afford $350, $500 a month in fines,” said Caroll. “There’s nothing I can do.”

Carroll says illegal dumping in the area has become a big issue.

Despite catching this incident on his security cameras, so far it hasn’t helped his cause. He said he still has to pay the money.

“Well it is my fault, they said, because it’s on my property, they have the pictures to prove it,” said Carroll. “That’s all they want to hear.”

City council members have not yet returned calls for comment on how they will handle the situation.

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