Maine Woman Donates Replacement After Theft of 3-Year-Old's Spider-Man Bike

Police in Rockland, Maine, say a generous woman, despite currently living out of her car, donated a brand new Spider-Man bike, a matching helmet and a bike lock to replace a 3-year-old boy's stolen bike

Rockland Police Department

After police in Rockland, Maine, said they were looking for a man who stole a 3-year-old boy's bike Spider-Man bike, an anonymous "superhero" has supplied the child with a brand new one.

The Rockland Police Department said that a man riding a bicycle stole the smaller bike while the boy was inside a store with his mother on Sunday. They shared a photo Thursday with the hope of identifying the man.

On Friday, police said a woman who wishes to remain anonymous visited the Rockland Police Department to donate a new Spider-Man bike, a matching helmet and a bike lock.

According to police, the woman, who lives in Oxford County on the other side of the state, made the donation despite living out of her vehicle right now.

"Unfortunately, she was recently forced to choose between making her rent or vehicle payment," the department wrote. "Not wanting to default on the car loan, she is now currently unhoused and living out of her vehicle. Her own struggles did not deter the woman however; and she selflessly purchased a new bike, helmet and lock at a local Wal-Mart and made the drive to Rockland."

"The woman's generosity was contagious and a clerk who heard what she was doing gave her money to help pay for tolls," the Rockland Police Department added.

While police say Maine law prohibits law enforcement agencies from raising funds for the giving woman, they pointed the public in the direction of the Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, saying people interested in donating to her can email

The theft of the bike remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact interim Deputy Chief Alex Gaylor at

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