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Major New England Storms Mean Big Business for Snow Removal Companies

Companies have been prepping snow plows, sanders, and other equipment for weeks

It’s been a slow start to the season for snow removal companies, so the first big storm of the year means big bucks for a lot of businesses in New England.

At Northpoint Outdoors in Londonderry, New Hampshire, transforming landscaping trucks into snow removal equipment takes a lot of work.

“We’ve been prepping for about two weeks now,” said operations manager Rob Fairburn. “We’re making sure plows are good, sanders work, testing all the equipment and making sure everything is fueled before the storm.”

And it’s not just the trucks, but the drivers that need fuel too.

“Make sure you get your rest, make sure you’re hydrated and ready,” said division manager Bill McFadden.

He said he’s expecting an 18-hour shift overnight Saturday.

“I don’t mind the hours, it’s nice being out at night when no one is around,” McFadden said.

“All the guys are looking forward to getting out and pushing some snow,” Fairburn added.

And it’s also all hands on deck just a couple miles away at Bauchman’s Towing.

“We will get lots of accidents and lots of police calls,” said owner Brian Bauchman.

And while that means extra business for Bauchman, he says it also means dangerous conditions for his employees.

“You like it and you don’t like it,” Bauchman said. “Being up on the highway with people not seeing you, that is the worst.”

So, Bauchman has a suggestion for families this weekend:

“Stay home and watch the football game,” he chuckled.

Fairburn said let the crew over at Northpoint Outdoors handle the snow because that’s what they’ve been waiting for.

“I hope it continues, I hope we get a storm every week,” Fairburn said laughing.

If you’d like to take advantage of the storm this weekend, check with your local snow removal companies.

Northpoint Outdoors tell us they’re always looking for dependable shovelers and they’ll pay about $20 an hour.

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