Officials: Propane Tanks Blow Up Amid 3-Alarm House Fire

Crews from several Massachusetts communities battled a 3-alarm fire involving propane tanks at a multi-family home in Malden Wednesday morning.

Two Malden police officers, one of them a rookie, rescued an elderly woman, two adults, and a small child through the front of the home at 90 Ashland St. after the back of the residence caught fire, according to officials.

"When you get a situation like this, it’s all hands on deck," said Bill Sullivan, Malden Fire Assistant Chief. "Police, the fire EMS everyone did a tremendous job."

Malden police officers went into the house as it was on fire, authorities said, and that the propane tanks in the back of the home caught fire and blew up, resulting in the fire spreading up the side of the house.

"It was so scary when I got out it was very scary," said Sadraque Beaucicot, who lives in the house next door. "And also I was worried about my house."

"I just smelled smoke in the kitchen, I don’t know where came from," said Ryan Tsing, who also lives next door. "I thought it came from the microwave or stove. Until some bright orange light came, the first thing I saw was fire."

One of the officers was treated for smoke inhalation and was released at the scene.

No residents were injured, although the family's pet, a cat, died in the fire.

"Thank God for the officer and the ladies that came out and rescued them," neighbor Earisto Oto said.

The two-family home is considered to be a total loss.

Firefighters from Everett, Cambridge, and Somerville were brought in to help battle the fire.

Aerial footage from the scene shows plumes of smoke emanating from the roof of the house.

The investigation into the fire is underway.

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