Court Docs: Witness Saw Assault Days Before Man Was Found Dead

Dean Valchuis, 47, was arraigned on an assault and battery charge on Monday in connection to the case

A Berlin, Massachusetts man accused of attacking a Clinton man days before the assault victim was found dead was arraigned from his hospital bed at UMass Medical Center on Monday as court documents reveal a witness told police the suspect hit the victim at least 10 times.

Dean Valchuis, 47, was arraigned on an assault and battery charge after he allegedly beat 58-year-old Roger Bemis in Bemis’ home in Clinton on the night of the Super Bowl.

Bemis was found dead on Thursday after police responded to his home for a wellness check. Investigators also found signs of a struggle in the home.

Investigators went searching for Valchuis as a suspect and they say when they got to his Berlin home Friday, they found him in the back of the home where he had fallen from a tree stand, which is often used for hunting. He was taken to the hospital.

Court documents show a witness told police she saw Valchuis punch Bemis at least 10 times, and she said Bemis was bleeding from his nose and mouth when she and Valchuis left his apartment soon afterwards.

During Moday’s arraignment, the judge revoked Valchuis's bail on an open case against him. Valchuis was awaiting trial on a hunting accident dating back to January 2017, where he’s charged with hunting while in toxicated.

In today’s case of assault and battery, his attorney put in a not guilty plea and he has a dangerousness hearing on March 1.

The investigation into Bemis' death is ongoing.

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