Man Accused of Robbery, Assault, Caught by Neighbors

Gina Busse was looking out her window as a stranger suddenly appeared on her property Wednesday night.

“I opened the door, I ran out, and I screamed ‘stop, drop everything’,” said Busse.

The security cameras at her Freetown home captured the thief running down her driveway, dragging her power washer with him.

A neighbor across the street came outside and confronted the man, later identified by police as 31-year-old Brandon Demoranville.

The suspect has a prosthetic arm with a metal hook at the end and allegedly used it to fight back.

“With the flailing of the arm, the suspect had a prosthetic with a claw at the end of it,” said Freetown Police Sgt. Scott Rose. “It was used in the melee.”

Busse can be seen on video calling 911 as the neighbor held down the suspect until police arrived.

“We’ve got him right now,” Busse said in the 911 audio tape. “He was in my shed, my neighbor saw him, he was running down my driveway with a power washer, we have him here in the street, but I don’t know how long my neighbor can hold him.”

There have been several break-ins to homes and cars in this East Freetown neighborhood in the last few weeks.

Police have already connected Demoranville to some of the crimes.

“We’ve had money stolen out of the cars, tools stolen the week before,” said Busse. “So I think he’s made a living for himself to scrape by taking from everyone in the neighborhood.”

The suspect is facing several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon for using the prosthetic arm to fight back.

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