Back Bay

Man Allegedly Followed Woman Into Back Bay Building, Exposed Himself to Her

Police are looking for a man they say followed a woman into a Boston residential building and exposed himself to her.

The disturbing incident took place in the vestibule of a posh condo building in the Back Bay. The man allegedly exposed himself to a resident in the entryway after following her inside.

"It's rattling, especially here," said Kate Spitler, who lives on the same block. "It's a pretty safe neighborhood."

The woman who was followed told police the incident happened around 11:30 p.m. Monday. She realized someone was tracking her down Commonwealth Avenue, but thought it ended when she entered her residence.

But when she went to look at the building's surveillance video, she couldn't believe what she saw. The man, wearing a "Make Hunger History" T-shirt, had slipped in as the front door closed and he started to expose himself.

The suspect did not make it through the second hallway door.

Residents of the building have circulated an email to neighbors in the area warning them about what happened.

Surveillance images have been posted elsewhere on the block as another way to alert the neighborhood.

Police are looking for tips from the public to help identify the suspect.

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