Man Almost Fights His Way Into Airplane Cockpit on Flight From Boston, FBI Says

After allegedly kicking a flight attendant and yelling to be shot, a man was restrained by several members of a JetBlue flight crew on their way to San Juan, Puerto Rico

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A man had to be detained on a flight from Boston to Puerto Rico after allegedly kicking a flight attendant, trying to get into the cockpit and telling crew members to shoot him, according to the FBI.

The incident happened Wednesday night on JetBlue Flight 261. The FBI says the passenger rushed toward the flight deck a short time before the plane was due to arrive in San Juan.

While yelling at flight crew members to shoot him, the man grabbed a flight attendant by the collar and tie and kicked that person in the chest, Special Agent William Lopez of the FBI's San Juan Division said in his affidavit, citing the account of a flight attendant. At one point, the flight attendant was unable to breathe.

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According to the affidavit, a crew member grabbed hold of the man to prevent him from successfully breaching the galley area and gaining access to the flight deck. Seven crew members were able to restrain him using flex cuffs, a tie and belt.

The man was kept out of the cockpit by members of the flight crew and held in a seat at the back of the plane, according to the FBI.

A passenger on a JetBlue flight from Boston to Puerto Rico allegedly stormed the cockpit and had to be restrained by flight attendants.

The plane landed in San Juan, where law enforcement responded, the FBI said.

The man faces a charge of interference with flight crew members and attendants, Lopez said in his affidavit.

A man was detained after allegedly kicking a flight attendant and trying to get into the cockpit of a plane traveling from Boston to Puerto Rico.

"Law enforcement met JetBlue flight 261 from Boston to San Juan on September 22 after a physical altercation occurred on board with a customer who tried to access the flight deck," JetBlue told NBC10 Boston in a statement Friday. "We applaud the crewmembers for their response to this challenging situation and for keeping the other customers on board safe. Further inquiries should be directed to the FBI. "

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