Man Caught on Camera Throwing Tables, Chairs at Dunkin' Donuts

A man is seen on surveillance footage using chairs and tables as weapons in a Massachusetts Dunkin' Donuts.

Police say the man, identified as 22-year-old Tyleek Solomon, went on a rampage at the Dunkin' Donuts at Central Square in Cambridge in the middle of breakfast.

First, the man can be seen hurling a chair at a man near the window. The victim then picked up a table to defend himself.

Customers started to move out, including a man in a motorized wheelchair, who spun around and took off.

As tables and chairs continued to be thrown, an elderly man remained all by himself in the middle of the commotion. A woman would come to him, help him retrieve his walker and usher him out.

The suspect even helped to guide that man out of the fray.

But then, the fight picked up, with the suspect grabbing more chairs and tables and throwing them at the victim. That 39-year-old man would tell police he didn't know Solomon and had no idea why he started attacking him.

The man tried to corner the victim with a table, and then started beating him with his fists as the two fell to the ground in the middle of the store.

The victim told police he's disabled and uses a cane because he has 12 pins and screws in his leg.

It's unclear how badly the victim was hurt, but he declined medical attention.

Police described Solomon as in a "high state of aggression" when they arrived on the scene. They say he was yelling at officers and directing them inside.

Solomon remained at the scene and was arrested by police. He's facing several charges, including assault and battery on a disabled person.

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