Man Caught Raping Disabled Woman at Attleboro MBTA Parking Lot, Police Say

Officers were able to disrupt the alleged rape because a person walking her dog called police when she saw a man force a woman into a van, the Attleboro Police Department said

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A man was caught raping a disabled woman in a van parked at an MBTA commuter train station's parking lot in Attleboro, Massachusetts, early Friday morning, police said.

The alleged rape was caught thanks to a bystander who reported suspicious activity to police while out walking her dog shortly before 6 a.m., according to the Attleboro Police Department. She'd seen a man force a woman into the van and drive to a remote corner of the parking lot.

Officers found the van and saw the man, identified as David Rogers, a 63-year-old Attleboro resident, having sex with an unwilling woman inside. They "interceded, effectively disrupting the assault," police said in a statement.

Rogers allegedly confessed during a police interview at Attleboro Police Station to forcing the woman, a 57-year-old who lives in the area and has a disability, into the van and assaulting her. He was then arrested, police said.

The victim was taken to Sturdy Memorial Hospital.

The statement from police credited the bystander with sharing "particular observations which led her to believe that the woman was being taken against her will" and "a detailed and accurate description of the van" that helped officers quickly find the van.

Rogers faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, assault and battery and indecent assault and battery on a disabled person. He was arraigned at Attleboro District Court.

Rogers didn't answer questions while being escorted from court into the back of a police transport van Friday evening, but his lawyer denied the charges.

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