Boston City Hall

Man Charged With Breaking Into, Ransacking Boston City Hall

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A Tennessee man is facing numerous charges after he allegedly broke into Boston City Hall and ransacked numerous offices on Thursday.

Boston police said 22-year-old Anthony Collins is charged with destruction of personal property, trespassing, breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony and breaking and entering into a motor vehicle.

Police said they were called to Boston City Hall shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday and found that Collins had broken a door in order to gain entrance to the building. He had ransacked many of the offices on the second and floors, including many of the clerks offices and the customer service center.

Numerous computers and furniture were heavily damaged, police said. A cash register in one of the offices was also opened.

Madeline Ortiz, who works at the coffee shop inside the building, said she arrived to a mess.

"I seen the glass everywhere, and it was all over the counters," she said. "I was just like very overwhelmed cause there was glass over there and there was glass near the coffee."

The mayor's office was not impacted.

"Unfortunate incident. Certainly, something I was a little surprised with as well," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said. "I think there potentially could be some other circumstances around this particular case."

Police were able to identify Collins using security camera footage and ultimately found him hiding inside an unattended police van behind the building.

No further information was immediately available.

Collins is already out of jail. It's unclear when he will be arraigned on the charges.

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