Man Claims Boston Bar Kicked Him Out for Being Gay

A man says he was kicked out of a popular Boston bar for being gay.

The manager of Coogan's says the bouncers took action to protect another customer, but 23-year-old Nick Ivancic says he was physically removed after he was called a homophobic slur and threatened by a woman there.

"Because I was gay," he said. "She was the one who spouted homophobic comments. Why didn't she get kicked out, too?"

Ivancic says he was at the Financial District bar with friends on Tuesday night when he approached the woman for a friend. She wasn't interested, and when Ivancic walked away, he says she called him the slur.

"I went back over there, I was like, 'Yeah, I am, and what?'" Ivancic said. "She started to get confrontational and threatened me and said she was going to hit me."

Cooghan's manager Sheldon Cohen flatly denied that someone was thrown out for being gay. Off-camera, Cohen said no one called Ivancic a slur and that he was thrown out because the woman felt harassed.

Ivancic says he is considering filing a complaint with the sate's commission against discrimination.

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