Man Embarks on Year-Long Adventure to Photograph Boston's 300 Parks

There are roughly 300 parks in the city of Boston and one local man has taken his children to see them all.

Last May, the city started crowdsourcing and asked photographers to capture 700 sites. Ed Lyons took advantage of the opportunity and started photographing city parks.

When he began, he started taking 7-year-old daughter Fiona and 4-year-old son Eddie. A map of Boston with lots of blue dots now represent all the parks they have visited.

"If you threw a dart at the city of Boston, we’ve been there," Lyons said.

Once baby Darcy was born, she joined in on the fun.

With more than 1,000 photos taken, the Lyons family keeps finding surprises with each park they visit.

"I lived in the city 20 years, Back Bay, Fenway, Coolidge Corner and had no idea what two thirds of the city was like," said Lyons.

The family, originally from Brighton, has since moved to Swampsott, but says the year long photo adventure has created a lifetime of memories.

"My kids have seen the city as it really is. They’re comfortable with all kinds of people - they would have never been that way if they stayed with us in Shubow Park in Brighton," Lyons explained.

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