Man in Halloween Mask Has Been Spotted Knocking on Doors in These Massachusetts Towns

The individual was reportedly seen riding a small motorcycle or scooter

Lincoln Police

Police in two neighboring Massachusetts towns are investigating after a suspicious person wearing a Halloween skull mask was spotted knocking on doors in the area.

Lincoln police said last week they were investigating "a suspicious person" who was observed at a residence on Route 117 on Sept. 5 around 12:30 p.m. He was seen operating a small motorcycle or scooter.

A surveillance image of the individual showed that he was wearing an orange and black skull mask and a black jacket with a hood.

Sudbury police said they received a report of a similar incident on Monday around 3:15 p.m. where an individual on a black scooter wearing the same outfit approached a residence on Route 117. The individual entered the garage of the residence and when confronted by the homeowner, explained that he was selling magazines.

Lincoln and Sudbury police said Thursday morning that they believe they have identified the person in the surveillance image and their investigation is ongoing into the person's intent. They also warned people to lock their home and car doors locked. No further details were released.

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