Methadone Mile

Man Ordered to Stay Away From Baker's Home Over Needles Left in Protest

The governor’s wife, Lauren Baker, told a court it was “incredibly frightening” when the needles were discarded on the family's Swampscott lawn

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A harassment order against a Boston activist accused of leaving hypodermic needles at Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s home in Swampscott earlier this month was upheld in Lynn District court Monday.

The needles were part of a protest about drug use in the area of Boston known as “Methadone Mile,” and Domingos DaRosa said he and his group were only trying to prove a point by leaving the needles on the lawn.

DaRosa said he was exercising his first amendment right and should be allowed to demonstrate: “We find thousands of needles daily. Every night we wake up to this and we need help.” 

People in the section of Boston's South End known as "Methadone Mile" say something needs to be done.

The governor’s wife, Lauren Baker, filed the stay away order against DaRosa. In a remote hearing Monday, she told the court it was “incredibly frightening” when the needles were discarded. 

According to the order, DaRosa must stay at least 100 yards away from the governor’s residence. He said he plans to appeal but will comply for now. 

“If politicians knock on our door for votes, how is it wrong for us to knock on their door with our issues and concerns?” DaRosa said. 

The governor's office had no comment on the lawsuit.

The protest involving the needles is just the latest activity to happen at Baker’s home recently. Last week, housing advocates held a protest over the eviction moratorium and, before that, a Danvers man broke in while the governor’s wife and daughter were both home. 

The man accused of breaking into Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker's home faced a judge, saying it was a misunderstanding, while the governor offered his first comments on the incident. And a security expert sounded off on the ramifications of the break-in.

DaRosa’s group said they plan to leave the needles at home next time, and will not stop until their voices are heard. They are planning another protest for Sunday. 

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