Man Raising Money to Make Change to ‘The Departed'

The Oscar-winning crime thriller "The Departed" is beloved by many, but one man is raising money on Kickstarter to undo what he considers a major flaw in the film

A man is raising money to undo what he considers to be a major flaw in an otherwise excellent movie.

"The Departed" is an Oscar-winning crime thriller that takes place in Boston. The 2006 film, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, is all about mobsters trying to uncover a "rat" in their midst.

Many people loved the movie, but according to Adam Sacks, a video director and editor, the film has one huge problem: the last shot, in which an actual rat crawls into frame.

"It's a very on the nose metaphor and it's completely unnecessary because the movie already worked," explained Sacks.

Sacks has become so bothered by the last shot that he now has a Kickstarter campaign to remove it digitally.

"Basically, I just need money to be able to buy a Blu-ray of the movie, and a Blu-ray player, because I don't have one. And then I need to be able to rip it, and hire a friend of mine to digitally erase it," he explained to NBC10 Boston.

Sacks says he needs $4,000 to get the job done. His campaign is getting mixed reactions from people in Boston.

"He's got too much time on his hands, and if he wants to do a Kickstarter campaign, there's a lot more things he can do to fix," expressed Jennifer Kahn of North Andover, Massachusetts.

Juan Charvet supports his project.

"I say, all for it," he said. "It's a free world now."

If you want of copy of Sack's version, it will cost you.

"There's a huge copyright issue, because I don't own the movie, so then if anyone wants a Blu-ray, they need to give me enough money so I can buy them a Blu-ray to buy the movie legally, break that disc and replace it with what I think is a better version and then send it to them."

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal, so if Sacks does not reach his goal of $4,000 in under 30 days, his project will not happen.

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