Man Seeking Dog Fight Fired Gun Into Brighton Baseball Field, Police Say

One man with a dog asked another "if he wanted to fight or wanted to have the two dogs fight, to which the victim declined," Boston police said

McKinney Park
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A man was arrested for allegedly shooting a gun on a baseball field in Boston's Brighton neighborhood Thursday after an apparently friendly introduction turned into a proposition for a dog fight.

Boston police described a bizarre scene playing out between two men who were walking their dogs in McKinney Playground Thursday evening.

One of the men, identified by police as the victim, told officers he was in the park's rear baseball field when he was approached by the other man, who asked if the victim's dog was friendly.

The man followed that question up by asking "if he wanted to fight or wanted to have the two dogs fight, to which the victim declined," police said in a statement.

The man who'd wanted a fight began threatening the other man, then pulled a gun from his jacket, loaded it and shot it into the field, "near the shortstop position on the baseball diamond," police said. The other man ran away and called 911.

Investigators found evidence connected to a gun on the baseball field, according to police — they didn't say specifically what it was — while other officers took Daniel Logan, a 50-year-old who lives in the neighborhood, into custody.

Logan was identified as the man who'd made the threats and fired the gun, though officers didn't find a gun on him when he was taken into custody, and police dogs didn't uncover any guns in the area.

In Boston Municipal Court's Brighton division Friday, Logan pleaded not guilty to charges of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, firing a gun within 500 feet of a dwelling, carrying a loaded gun and unlawful possession of ammunition.

He was given bail of $10,000, told to give up any firearms if he is released on bail and ordered to wear a GPS monitor and keep away from the victim, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

Logan is due back in court Feb. 14.

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