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Teen Severely Burned in Sandwich, Mass.

A teen was severely burned trying to extinguish a fire Saturday in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

It's a frightening reminder of just how quickly even a small fire can get out of hand. The Sandwich Fire Department says an 18-year-old man noticed that embers from a camp fire in his back yard ended up on the deck of the home and some debris on fire.

He then tried to kick the debris off the deck without realizing this propane torch was underneath.

"When he kicked the propane torch it exploded," said Sandwich Deputy Fire Chief John Burke.

The explosion burned the teen's face, hands and arms. He was rushed to the Forestdale School and then airlifted to Rhode Island Hospital's burn unit.

"Even a small propane torch like that is going to have significant explosion hazard," said Burke.

Burke said with dry conditions lately, everyone should be aware of the increased risks.

"Pay attention, don't turn your back for even a split second these fires can quickly get out of control," he explained.

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