Surveillance Video Captures Man Stealing Company Van From Auto Repair Shop in Bedford

Massachusetts police have located a van that was stolen from a repair shop at a gas station in Bedford Wednesday night but the man who took it remains on the loose.

Surveillance video at Riggio Auto Repair, Inc., which is also a Sunoco station, captured the man inside the garage on Great Road at about 11:45 p.m. after he broke in through a window.

"It’s a double pane window. And then they broke a garage door window in the first bay, crawled in through there," employee Mike Jones explained.

The man can be seen getting into the driver's seat of the GMC Safari then slamming through the garage door to get out of the repair bay.

Police said the keys were inside the van, which belongs to the auto shop. On the outside of the van spells the auto shop's name in yellow along with purple flames on the side.

On Thursday afternoon, an employee of the shop spotted the van about 14 miles away in Lowell but the thief was nowhere to be found.

"He was doing some other business up in Lowell and noticed it so it’s kind of come full circle," said Bedford Police Officer Jeffrey French.

Both police and employees said the thief left behind evidence that they hope will lead to his arrest.

"They cut themselves so they’ve got a blood sample anyway and he proceeded to get in the company van after trying all the other vehicles out here," said Jones.

Police said the suspect also left a trail of glass about a mile long down the street.

Anyone with information on the suspect is urged to contact Bedford Police at 781-275-1212.

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