Man Wanted for NH Home Break-ins Caught on Camera

Police in Northfield, New Hampshire, are searching for a man they say is responsible for breaking into three homes while the owners were sleeping.

Kim Robichaud woke up to her dog, Nala, barking around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

"She doesn't usually howl like that," Robichaud said.

Shortly after, she got up, went downstairs and checked her cellphone on the kitchen counter.

"I happened to see there were seven notifications," Robichaud told NBC10 Boston Tuesday afternoon.

Her motion-detecting security cameras switched on seven different times.

First, at 2:10 a.m., a man breaks into their home. He was wearing a small backpack and using a flashlight to scour the room before you see him leave.


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The cameras start recording again at 4:30 a.m., this time in on the porch.

When the intruder tries to enter the main part of the house, that's when Nala['s bark appears to scare him off.

"It's the feeling of violation, you know, this is our home," Robichaud said. "It literally hit home."

What's worse is the Robichauds aren't the only victims.

"We have two other houses that the subject went in, and four vehicles," said Northfield Police Chief John Raffaelly.

Police think the man is responsible for an overnight crime spree across the town.

When asked if this was unusual, Raffaelly said it was.

It was disheartening, as well, especially for Robichaud, who has called this house her home since she was a kid.

"The door was usually left open to let cool breeze of summer come in at night," she recalled.

She's sad to say this story is proof that even in her small town, times are changing.

"Keep your doors locked, look out for your neighbors," she said. "If you see something, do something."

The suspect didn't steal anything from the Robichaud home, but police say he took money from the other houses and change from cars.

Police are asking anyone with information to give them a call.

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