New Hampshire

Manchester New Hampshire Officer Injured While Chasing Suspect

The officer suffered a broken arm

A Manchester, New Hampshire, police officer broke his arm following a chase of a suspect.

According to police, Officer Matt Comeau attempted to stop 29-year-old Aaron Roux of 188 Bell Street, Manchester, as he was known to him for a domestic offense.

Officer Comeau approached Roux but he took off running.

The officer was able to catch Roux but he was able to slip away.

Roux tossed two trash cans at Officer Comeau while fleeing, resulting in a broken arm.

The officer was able to catch Roux and handcuff him.

Roux is charged with simple assault, resisting arrest, and violation of bail.

He was also charged with five counts of domestic simple assault, three counts of obstructing the report of a crime, and one count of violation of bail.

He will be arraigned on Friday at the 9th Circuit Court in Manchester.

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