Family Believes Missing Dog May Have Been Stolen

A Massachusetts family is searching for its missing dog and is worried the animal may have been stolen.

Shelby, a 10-year-old Keeshond, has missing since the Fourth of July. Lori Burns of Mansfield is Shelby's owner and believes she may have gotten spooked with the fireworks.

"The fact that she may have left the yard is odd. There was no one home, but she would normally go and hide in our house," she said.

And the fact that Shelby has been missing for a week even more worrisome, because Shelby has Cushing's disease and just had surgery. She needs medication for her liver.

Lori and her daughter printed up missing dog fliers, which are now all around Mansfield.

Monday, they got a call from a blocked number.

"She wanted me to know that Shelby was safe so I could stop looking for her, and then I asked her, 'an I come get her? What's the address?' and she said, 'Well, no, no, I'm keeping her," said Burns.

That woman then got angry.

Burns says she "told [the woman] about her medication ... and she didn't believe me, 'You're lying to me, you're lying to me."

The family called Mansfield Police, who were able to listen in on a second call from the woman, who then hung up.

At this point, it's not clear if the woman called as a hoax or if she has Shelby.

Police are investigating.

The family has been driving around looking for Shelby, but has still had no luck.

Vets in the area have also been notified.

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