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Pursuing the Martin Richard Peace Stamp

“No More hurting people.  Peace.”  Peace Stamp Petition

An online petition has been started to commemorate the message of peace captured in a poster created by Martin Richard – the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

“World leaders can’t seem to get us to a world free of war and hateful people can’t seem to find resolution or peace without deadly violence against innocent others, but maybe Martin’s simple message will help get us one step closer,” the petition reads.

Issues to hurdle

The petition also acknowledges there are two issues for the Martin Richard Memorial Peace Stamp to hurdle. The U.S. postage stamps are approved by the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee and under the stamp selection criteria the stamp will only “commemorates positive contributions to American life, history, culture and environment; therefore, negative occurrences and disasters will not be commemorated on U.S. postage stamps or stationery.”

There is also the issue of submitting artwork.  “Do not submit artwork or photographs for a stamp subject for consideration. Unsolicited stamp designs will not be reviewed or considered.”

Sign the petition

The petition asks the committee to make an exception because Richard’s artwork is “an essential part of his message that no other artist could possibly illustrate better.”

Organizers hope to reach 5000 signatures.  On Tuesday afternoon, over 3300 people have signed the petition including Bill Richard, father of Martin.

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