Martha's Vineyard

Mass. Man's 2-Year-Old State Flag Redesign Appears on Pamphlets Given to Migrants

Will Bodine is in "disbelief" after the redesigned Massachusetts flag, which he says he uploaded on Facebook and Imgur two years ago, was used instead of the official flag on brochures distributed to the migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

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A pamphlet distributed to the migrants Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent to Martha's Vineyard featured a Massachusetts man's artwork redesigning his state's flag instead of the official banner.

The migrants were dropped off by plane on the Massachusetts island last week. DeSantis claimed credit for orchestrating the move.

Even though Martha's Vineyard was unaware of the plan before they arrived, DeSantis pointed to the literature given to the migrants directing them to resources in the Bay State.

Will Bodine says he redesigned the Massachusetts flag on his own time two years ago, but beyond uploading it to Facebook and Imgur, he didn't share it widely. He was surprised to see the image on the brochure.

"Disbelief," he said. "At first, when I looked at the picture, I kind of squinted, I thought, 'Yeah, that's the brochure I've seen on the news, and that is my flag, and why is it there, and what is it doing, who put it there?'"

Bodine said he does not agree with DeSantis' decision to locate the group without informing officials in Massachusetts.

"Why not use the real Massachusetts flag? Why use this one that I put on Imgur and Facebook two years ago?" Bodine questioned.

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