Mass. Native Stranded on St. John

While Irma is bearing down on Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands are reeling.

Crystal D’Abbraccio, a native of Lexington, Massachusetts, says her husband is stuck on the island of St. John. The couple fears their home and business are destroyed.

“It’s almost like looking at foreign planet. I don’t recognize any of it,” said D’Abbraccio.

The island took a direct hit from Irma. Her friend’s restaurant is gone. Other buildings and homes in their town of Coral Bay are destroyed, too.

“It’s so hard being here and looking at these pictures and not being there to help. It’s the hardest part,” she said.

D’Abbraccio remains in East Wakefield, NH with her two kids. During the school year this family calls St. John home as they have for the past five years. She and her kids had extended their summer vacation in New England by just one week but her husband Sean, a teacher, went back to the island early.

“I have heard from him in a random text saying that he’s safe but they’re kind of stuck. Trees are down. They can’t get anywhere,” she added.

Sean was able to seek shelter in a friend’s hurricane bunker but communication has been cut off.

St. John relies on tourism and now the livelihood of so many are in ruin.

“These people are hurting. They have no home. Everyone’s home is demolished,” said D’Abbraccio.

D’Abbraccio hopes the Virgin Islands are not forgotten. She says the people there need water, food, diapers and formula. And she adds help is needed now.

“We need people to know that we are Americans and that we need help,” she said.

If you’d like to help, D’Abbraccio says you can visit

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