Mass. Officer, Firefighter Praised for Replacing Woman's Run-Over Groceries

"I felt it was way beyond the call of duty to arrive back with a full back of groceries.”

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A Lowell police officer and firefighter are being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty after they brought an elderly woman groceries after hers were run over two days before Christmas.

“It was just such a wonderful act of kindness and the family is very grateful,” said Connie Hood.

She said she can’t thank Lowell police Officer Andrew Daly and Lowell firefighter Steven Lyle enough.

Hood even wrote a thank you letter to the Lowell police superintendent praising the two.

“We were just out performing our daily tasks, our job and we just happened to see this,” Lyle said.

Hood had just returned to her elderly housing complex on the senior van when it happened.

Daly described it: “We noticed a little old lady putting her groceries into a cart and a car pulled into the bank kind of fast and ran them over.”

Daly and Lyle diffused the situation, then returned later that night with new groceries.

“I took note of what was damaged in her bag and Steve and I went to Demoulas [Super Markets Warehouse] later that day and replaced all her groceries,” Daly said.

If it weren’t for them, Hood said, her sister wouldn’t have had her groceries for Christmas.

“I wanted to say how grateful the entire family is," she said. "I felt it was way beyond the call of duty to arrive back with a full back of groceries.”

“We just happened to be in the right place at the right time while doing what we do,” Lyle said.

Daly said it’s something that any of the officers or firefighters he works with across the state “would do without hesitation.”

Daly and Lyle work often together on Lowell’s opioid outreach program.

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