Worcester Officers Bust Noisy Drug Deal at Crime Watch Meeting

The alleged drug deal took place only about 15 feet away from the officers at the meeting

A crime watch meeting in Worcester, Massachusetts was interrupted by a very loud and obvious drug deal that lead to two arrests.

Two Worcester police officers were holding the meeting at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Networking Center at 301 Pleasant St Thursday evening when the group heard two people talking loudly in the doorway.

Police say David Jones,48 of 85 Piedmont St, Worcester and Madeline Ayala, 58 of 275 Pleasant St., Worcester, were only about 15 feet away from the officers and the conversation was loud enough to be heard by everyone at the meeting.

Ayala allegedly handed Jones money, who allegedly disappeared for a minute and reappeared with a small plastic bag.

The pair briefly argued about the size of the bag and whether it was worth forty dollars.

The officers then confronted the two and discovered that Ayala was holding a bag of crack cocaine.

She was placed under arrest for possession of a Class B substance.

Officers followed and detained Jones at a nearby restaurant and after a search found fifteen packets of Suboxone, a class B substance for which Jones did not have a prescription, a bag of crack cocaine, forty dollars in his pocket, a wallet with three-hundred sixty five dollars, and two phones.

He was placed under arrest and is charged with possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute, and distribution of cocaine (2nd or subsequent offense.)

They will both be arraigned on Friday at Worcester District Court.

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