Mass. State Police Make Cockfighting Arrest in Sturbridge

The roosters were being transported in bags hidden underneath the seats of the car.

Massachusetts State Police have arrested a group of men suspected of training roosters to cockfight.

State Trooper Sergio Figueiredo stopped a car on Route 84 in Sturbridge around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday for refusing to move for an ambulance. When Trooper Figueiredo approached the car he noticed the four men inside were shoving something underneath the seats. He also noticed a large sticker on the back of the car that said “TRABA 24K” next to the silhouette of a rooster.

The trooper called for backup after hearing noises coming from the back and noticed the bags moving. In total, three roosters were found inside the car. Two were placed in laundry bags and one was inside a plastic trash bag. Police also found several rolls of medical tape, nail files, wax, sharp acrylic talon, and a container of styptic powder which is used to stop bleeding.

After further investigation, officials discovered the suspects were participating in a cockfight in New Jersey. The four men, all from Lawrence, have been identified as 26-year-old Winton Hernandez, 23-year-old Erick Lora-Lopez, 22-year-old William Morales, and 54-year-old Cesareo Ruiz.

Additionally, all suspects face charges of animal cruelty, keeping or promoting animal fight, and conspiracy.

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