Mass. Toddler Enchanted With 1-800-GOT-JUNK Ads Gets Special 1st Birthday Surprise

Emmett's adorable fascination caught the attention of the company's CEO.

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Babies are generally amused by catchy jingles on television -- think CoComelon or Baby Shark -- but for one little boy from Billerica, Massachusetts, it's all about the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? commercials.

Emmett Sheehan is mesmerized by the magic of the junk removal company's TV advertisements, according to his parents.

“He’d hear the commercials and he’d stop whatever he was doing and just immediately stare at the television and be like “OH!,” Alex Sheehan said of her young son. "He I think honestly believes in like the magic of it, and it makes it really cool to watch him believe in all that stuff, which is nice."

Emmett's adorable fascination with the ads caused his parents to reach out to the company's CEO on a whim, extending a special invitation for him to attend the little boy's first birthday party.

"So I sent him the email saying, 'hey we have a 1-year-old's birthday coming up and he loves you and your company so would you mind coming to the party?' And he responded within 20 minutes," Alex Sheehan recalled.

CEO Brian Scudamore ended up delivering a special surprise to his little fan on his milestone birthday, sending one of the company's trucks and junk-themed décor for the festivities.

Scudamore, who is flattered by Emmett's enchantment, views it as a success all the way around.

"You put a bunch of ads out there on the radio and TV and wonder if anyone enjoys it," Scudamore said. "A 10-month or 1-year-old Emmett does...success."

As it turns out, sometimes one man's trash is another little boy's treasure.

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