Mass. Vape Store Owner Sues to Lift State's Sales Ban

"My customers. What do I tell them? Sorry? Go to New Hampshire?"

The owner of a chain of North Shore-based vaping stores is suing to force Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to lift the four-month ban on the sale of vape products, a move the vape seller said is necessary to keep his business afloat.

The lawsuit, which is the first one filed since the governor announced the sweeping ban on Tuesday, aims to overturn the order that has forced stores across the state to close their doors, at least temporarily.

"It's devastating. Our 11 employees -- what do I tell them? They have no jobs?" said Vapor Zone owner Behram Agha. "My customers. What do I tell them? Sorry? Go to New Hampshire?"


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His attorney, Craig Rourke, said if the court doesn't lift the ban, his client will go out of business.

"That means their families won't be able to buy gas, pay for groceries, make the rent or the mortgage," he said.

Rourke said he expects to hear more from the court by the end of next week.

That's when Vapor Zone's owners expect it will go out of business, if nothing changes.

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